Your social media posts tell a lot about you

By Y K Gupta

Your social media posts tell a lot about you depicted by various social media icons displayed on the screen of a mobile phone

Be aware about the fact when you post a post on social media that your social media posts tell a lot about you.

And an alert and agile person can infer a lot about your personality from your social media posts.

What can be judged by your social media posts?

Here is the list what can easily be judged from your social media posts about your personality-

  • Whether you are a person who likes to discuss deeper issues.
  • Or you are a person who is of a witty nature basically engaging in lighter and funny stuff.
  • Whether or not you are a reactive and argumentative person.
  • Or on the contrary whether you person who respect the opinion of other people as well.
  • It is highly important what sort of language you are using in your posts and comments, offensive or considerate. As people can rightly infer from this that most likely you must be using the same language in your real life as well.
  • Your political leaning.

Your social media posts also tell a lot about quality of your intellect

Quality of your intellect can also be judged fairly accurately by your social media posts-

  • Through what sort of language you use in your posts and comments.
  • Level of your intelligence can also be judged  by finding out whether you are intelligent enough to separate fake posts from genuine posts.
  • And therefore you share and offer comments only on genuine post.

And the worst case scenario
  • Whether you are a rumor mongers and thus a danger to the society, deliberately posting the fake stuff for running an agenda and spreading hate.
  • And particularly when you know fully well that what you are posting or sharing is fake.

So, be a little more cautious before you push the submit button as people will read not only your post or comment but also your true self up to a large extent.

Note- This article is based on an answer I have written on Quora. Here is the link-
Y K Gupta

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  1. Yes sirji I agree absolutely with the opinion .
    Sometimes we are infected by the current particularly, political scenario and uttered on the topics. We should avoid this.
    Thanx sirji 🙏🙏

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