Why Your Happiness is so Important

By Y K Gupta

Why your happiness is so important depicted by a happy lady in shorts and goggles

Why your happiness is so important?

Because you are an important unit of the human race so if you are happy then it adds to one happier person in the population of world and makes it a happier world.

Further, your happiness is also so very important for the under mentioned reasons-

Happiness is contagious

Happiness is contagious. Happy people make others happy. Studies shows that a happy person affects the happiness of people living around him  positively.

This happens because happy people tend to spread happiness around them.

However, to spread happiness first of all you yourself need to be happy as only a happy person can spread happiness.

You can give, only what you possess.

If you yourself aren’t happy then you can’t spread happiness. For finding more on spreading happiness read my articles – How can I spread happiness and How can I be spreading happiness.

Your happiness is important because happiness affects your health positively

Your happiness is important this study shows that happiness affects both your physical and mental health.

For knowing more about the effects of happiness on your body and mind, read my article- Health benefits of happiness: scientifically proven.

Your happiness particularly affects your heart and your immune system positively.

Further, a happy person is less likely to fall prey of depression. Study also establishes that happy people feel pain less.

And icing on the cake is the fact that happiness leads to longevity.

Your happiness is important because happiness breeds success

You may be surprised to know but the fact remains that success may or may not be resulting in happiness but, studies show, that happiness results in success.

Study after study has established that happiness leads to success and that a happy person is also likely to be a more successful person.

So, point to take home from this discussion is that – if you compromise on your happiness then you also compromise on your success.

People like the company of happy people

Why your happiness is so important depicted by group of happy friends at a bonfire
Why your happiness is so important

Tell me honestly would you like to remain in the company of a gloomy person or in the company of an optimistic and happy person?

The answer is obvious. Everyone likes the company of a happy person.

So being happy is also your insurance against loneliness. The slow killer disease of the modern times, to know more about the effects of loneliness on your body and mind read this article.

From the discussion in this article now it should be very clear to you that why your happiness is so important –

  • Not only for you
  • But also for the people around you
  • And also for the world at large

So don’t compromise on your happiness now on. Be happy, be positive and be optimistic. Be more social and spread happiness around you.

Happiness is a choice! Choose happiness now.

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Happiness is a choice

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  1. Yes sir very nicely explained article on happiness. The madicine dose of happiness keep away from fears, anxieties and help to keep away to some extent from serious ailments.
    Thanx sir with regards 🌹🙏👍

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