Health Benefits of Happiness: Scientifically Proven

By Y K Gupta          Updated on September 1, 2020

Health benefits of happiness depicted by a woman taking a brisk walk

In this article, we will discuss scientifically proven health benefits of happiness.

You might be aware of it or not but fact remains that all your actions in life are always directed towards becoming happy or maximize your happiness.

This happens because happiness is the natural state of a being. God has created you for living in bliss; this is why infants and toddlers are almost always in a state of bliss.

And the unhappiness is an abrasion; it is not the natural state of a being.

So, staying in a state of happiness is your duty towards God and if you stay in a state of unhappiness then it is disrespect to God.

Modern science has also proved that staying unhappy affects your health adversely. On the other hand there are many scientifically proven health benefits of happiness.

You will know in this article with evidences that how happiness can add to your well being, ranging from reducing small pains and aches to adding some more years to your life expectancy, just keep counting the health benefits of happiness–

Health benefits of happiness: happiness is good for your heart, blood pressure and levels of cholesterol

Pink flowers arranged in the shape of a heart depicting health benefits of happiness
Health benefits of happiness

Happiness may be a function of more of mind than of heart but happiness results in a healthy heart. This study shows that happy people are less subjected to develop heart diseases.

And the same study also shows that happy people are less subjected to fall prey of blood pressure related problems.

Happy people are also tested for lower levels of cholesterol.

Health benefits of happiness: happiness combats stress and boosts your immune system

The research has established that happy people feel less stressed and combat the stressful conditions better.

Further, happiness strengthens your immune system as well, so if you don’t want to fall prey of common flue and cold more often, then care for your happiness.

Health benefits of happiness depicted by photo of a woman bursting  in laughter
Health benefits of happiness

Health benefits of happiness: happiness protects you from aches and pains

Happy people are blessed to experience less of aches and pains and this has been proven scientifically. 

Being happy not only provides you already mentioned  health benefits, it also helps saving you from dreaded diseases like cancer and is capable of adding  a few more years of happy and healthy living in your life expectancy.

These health benefits of happiness are detailed here under-

1. Health benefits of happiness: happiness also protects you against severe and chronic diseases

Research shows that happiness not only protects you from common cold and small aches and pains, it also protects you from falling prey of dreaded diseases like cancer.

The research further shows that happy elderly people are less likely to develop severe vision impairment compared to their unhappy counterparts. 

2. Health benefits of happiness: happiness results in longevity

Who would not like to live a long life and that too full of happiness? Yes, the answer for the quest of longevity, in addition to several other factors, also lies in being happy.

It has been scientifically proven that happy people tend to live longer. Read this scholarly article based on the scientific research for the details on the relation between happiness and longevity.

3. Delay your happiness at your own peril

The study also suggests that positive effects of happiness on longevity are limited to the healthy people. 

This means that if you are already suffering from some chronic disease then happiness will not increase your life span.

So, idea is that happiness although protects you from many health disorders ranging from protecting you from small aches and pains to protect you from severe vision impairment and chronic diseases, however, if you delay your happiness and fall prey of some chronic disease then happiness will not come to your rescue and will not be helpful for your longevity.

So respect your happiness, this is your guard to protect you from numerous ailments, small and big and it also adds to your longevity.

Further, the end result and REWARD of a pursuit for happiness is happiness itself, other benefits are just by products and bonuses.

Practicing gratitude can make you happier

Research has established that practicing gratitude can make you happier. As when you practice gratitude, the reward center of your mind gets activated, this results in improved relationships. And surprisingly enough can lower your blood pressure and induce better sleep.

Whenever you find that practicing gratitude is hard. Then just think behind the efforts someone put in behind that small gift or behind that small act of kindness towards you.

Find more details in this wonderful small video-

So, think no further, be happy now. As happiness is one of the main pursuits of life. You will also find valuable tips on the subject of producing your own happiness in my article- How to Produce Happiness on Demand.

In addition to this, you get so many health benefits if you lead a life full of happiness and avoid loneliness. For knowing in detail the ill effects of loneliness on your body and mind read my article effects of loneliness on your body and mind.

Further, happiness not only protects you from deadly diseases but also adds few more healthy and happy years in your life expectancy.

Also as Happiness is a choice so from now on vow to choose happiness everyday when you wake up in the morning

Wish you a happy and healthy existence!

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