Productivity and the Concept of Mental Bandwidth

By Y K Gupta

Productivity and the concept of mental bandwidth depicted by the sign of 'GET SHIT DONE'

You can improve your productivity dramatically by applying the concept of mental bandwidth in your work and personal life.

Think of availability of immense time and energy for recreational activities and that too without compromising on your all those so very important tasks.

Yes, all this is possible if you commit yourself to employ the concept of mental bandwidth.

Concept of mental bandwidth and productivity

Productivity and the concept of mental bandwidth depicted by sign of 1 in red color
Productivity and the concept of mental Bandwidth

Now, without much ado let us understand the concept of mental or cognitive bandwidth and its effects on your productivity.

Simply put, mental bandwidth is the availability of limited resources your mind has to employ in achieving your daily tasks and goals.

It is like getting a certain amount of bandwidth from your internet services provider. If you are on a 2 GB data bandwidth plan, you can use only that much data.

However, on the contrary, if you use that limited available data on less important activities like aimlessly surfing social media or random watching of distracting videos soon you will consume all the bandwidth available at your disposal.

And then if you need to transfer an important file or down load some important data, you don’t have any bandwidth available under your disposal.

And therefore you need to use this limited available bandwidth very wisely.

How to use concept of mental bandwidth wisely to improve your productivity

Likewise, mind also has only limited reservoir or mental bandwidth of motivation and power for concentrating, which starts depleting immediately after you start your day.

As availability of this mental bandwidth is limited and therefore, need not to say, it is prudent to use it wisely.

I am providing some tips for the purpose-

Wake up early to employ concept of mental bandwidth to improve your productivity

As, as soon as you wake up your available mental bandwidth starts depleting. So it becomes absolutely necessary that you start your day well and concentrate on your most important tasks first.

Further, when you wake up early then you are in a very congenial environment.

Distractions are at their minimum as most of the outside world is still sleeping. So make this the most productive time of the day for you, before everyone is up and distractions start rising.

Do your most important and most scary work first in the morning

As you have the maximum available mental bandwidth in the morning. So, use it for completing your most important task, before other less important tasks start distracting and eating into your limited available mental bandwidth.

Follow the rule of First thing first or most important things first throughout the day.Try to complete your most important assignments before noon.

When you are able to do this then it is a very satisfying feeling. This will lead to a dramatic improvement in your productivity.

As for completing your important tasks you need not to procrastinate till evening. Also, you know well that not much of the mental bandwidth and motivation is available at your disposal in the evening, as you have already consumed almost all of your mental bandwidth. So you again procrastinate and postpone the work for next day.

This keeps on happening day in and day out. And you suddenly find yourself in the deadly habit of procrastination.

To avoid this trap the only answer is start your day early, very early. Do the most important and scary task first when availability of your mental bandwidth is at the peak.

And as a result enjoy the immensely increased productivity, self worth, satisfaction and joy.

You can find further details on the concept of mental or cognitive bandwidth to improve your productivity in this scholarly article here.

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