Improve Your Productivity With Pomodoro Technique

By Y K Gupta

Improve Your Productivity with Pomodoro Technique depicted by a pomodoro shaped timer

You can improve your productivity immensely with the help of this game changer- improve your productivity with pomodoro technique.

As let it you be a student, an employee, a business owner, a professional or an enthusiast pursuing any other activity, all find themselves struggling for time to complete their respective tasks.

But now on, no more burn outs, no more uncompleted tasks and no more anxiety. Instead, you will get only unbounded productivity and that too in a fun way without experiencing any burn outs.

And this unbounded productivity can be made possible with the application of this game changer technique called pomodoro technique of improving productivity.

So what is Pomodoro Technique of improving productivity?

This pomodoro technique of time management has been developed by Francesco Cirillo, owner of a consulting firm which is based in Berlin. And the word pomodoro is an Italian word which means tomato.

Pomodoro technique derives its name from a pomodoro or tomato shaped timer, which was originally used for the purpose of time management by Francesco Cirillo. However, you can use any timer which works well for you or even an app for the purpose.

And what is the PROCESS of improving your productivity with pomodoro technique?

  • In the technique you work in the time blocks of 25 minutes, each 25 minute block is called a pomodoro.
  • After completion of one pomodoro you take a break for 5 minutes to refresh you.
  • And you also record this pomodoro as completed.
  • Thereafter, you again start working for next 25 minute block of time and after completion of this block of 25 minute you repeat the same process of recording of completed pomodoro and taking a break for 5 minute.
  • After completion of four pomodoros or blocks of 25 minutes each, you can take a break of 15 to 30 minutes.
  • You can break your work day in morning, noon and evening pomodoro sessions

The secret of achieving high productivity lies in working uninterrupted, free from all distractions.

Improve your Productivity with pomodoro technique depicted by a man working on a white lap top
Improve your Productivity with pomodoro technique

As I always keep on repeating that for getting desired results you are not required to just practice or work.

Rather, you have to work free from all possible distractions. This distraction free work or deliberate practice is the key of super human results to achieve your goals.

I have discussed this concept of deliberate practice in detail in my articles- How to Attain Expertise and How to Learn Anything in 20 Hours.

During the pomodoro of 25 minutes you have to work free from all distractions like making phone calls, checking e mails, having snacks, watching TV or engaging on social media.

Why taking a break is so important.

It is important that you take a break of 5 minutes after completing each pomodoro of 25 minutes.

And you need to take a break for 15 to 30 minutes after completing 4 pomodoros.

This is necessary because it refreshes you to work for the next block of 25 minute or pomodoro.

Further, you will notice that new ideas will also generally be popping up in your mind during this period. This happens because new ideas love to come in your mind when your mind is in a relaxed state.

What to do during the break to improve your productivity with pomodoro technique.

Improve your Productivity with pomodoro technique depicted by a lady meditating in a flowers lade lawn
Improve your Productivity with pomodoro technique

It is very important to understand that you should use this 5 minute break after each pomodoro entirely to refresh you.

And during this 5 minute break you should not be involved in any stressful activity.

Instead, you should involve yourself in some relaxing activities.

Activities like meditating for few minutes, taking a short walk, stretching, taking few deep breaths or some breathing exercise or having a cup of your favorite tea or coffee, may be with some snacks occasionally.

You may choose any such relaxing activity which you like. The only condition is that it should be refreshing and relaxing and not stressful to you.

And in the last these are the benefits of this amazing how to improve your productivity with pomodoro technique, in a nutshell.

You will experience these amazing, life changing benefits if you work as stipulated in the how to improve your productivity with pomodoro technique-

  • You will feel less stressed as you are not doing multitasking. Multitasking, as you know, results in poor quality results and stress. And this happens because of one most important reason. And this reason is that human mind is not designed for multitasking and can only concentrate well on only one task at a time.
  • Your ability to focus on your task will improve immensely as you are working in an environment which is free from distractions. And it results in increased ability to focus on your task.
  • Pomodoro technique creates a sense of urgency due to timer set for 25 minutes, resulting in more work done in less time.
  • It cultivates discipline which is so important in achieving any worthwhile goals in life.
  • You achieve so much in so little time that you are bound to experience a sense of achievement and fulfillment.
  • As you achieve more in less time, so your anxiety level comes drastically down, if followed correctly it may even result in anxiety free working.
  • As you completely focus on one task distraction free therefore it results not only in increased productivity but also in better quality work.
  • You have spare time to indulge in the activities you like the most, such as being with your family and friends, or pursuing whatsoever hobbies or activities which are so close to your heart but you never had time to pursue them.

In addition to aforementioned benefits, one of the most important benefits of this improve your productivity with pomodoro technique is that it improves your productivity immensely without letting you burnt out.

Pomodoro technique saves you from burn outs because-

– It is such an interesting and fun way of working. So you enjoy your work much more and your mind and body feel less fatigue.

– You work in small blocks of pomodoros of 25 minute each, so it causes less strain to you.

– To top it all you are rewarded with the breaks of 5 minutes to refresh and re-energize yourself after completion of each pomodoro and therefore there is hardly any chance of burnouts.

So now is the time to start living a life of high productivity and less stress with the help of this how to improve your productivity with pomodoro technique

Now, go ahead and start practicing this wonderful pomodoro technique, distraction free and taking breaks as stipulated.

And you are bound to be astounded with the positive results it will produce in your work life or in whatsoever areas, in which you apply it for getting outstanding results.

Pomodoro technique is fun to use. It is so easy to use that you can start implementing it from today itself and results are also almost instant.

Wish you a highly productive and free of stress work life!

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