Money Can’t Buy Happiness

By Y K Gupta

Money can't buy happiness depicted by dollar bills

Can money buy happiness? This question always stirs our mind.

But what the answer is? Is it a definite No or is it a big YES. In this article we will try to find out the answer of this always prevalent question.

First of all let me very clear about the need of money for leading a decent life.

As whether or not money can buy happiness may be a matter of discussion but there is no doubt that poverty cant buy anything.

However, my take on whether money can buy happiness or not is that, it depends on how you are going to use your money.

Money can’t buy happiness if you use your money to buy possessions

You might have experienced that when you use your money to buy some possessions like a feature rich car, a state of the art TV or a pricey mobile phone which has just hit the shelf, you certainly get happy.

But very soon you also realize that, that high of happiness is dissipating really fast. Nothing surprising in it as this is the innate nature of possessions; they provide happiness for a very limited and short period.

In fact more often than not they also start providing unhappiness after some time as you start experiencing hassles related to their operation and maintenance and also when you come to know that one improved version of these Car, TV or mobile has now again hit the market.

Situation get even worse when you spot one of acquaints already flaunting one of those expensive fresh arrivals.

Where money can buy happiness up to some extant

Money can buy happiness up to a certain extent if you decide to expend your money on buying experiences instead of buying possessions. Studies have proved that happiness earned through buying experiences is deeper and lasting compared to happiness earned by buying possessions.

Money can't buy happiness depicted by a path way pointing towards happiness
Money can’t buy happiness

But if you want to experience real happiness then-

  • Care for deep relationships, particularly with your spouse
  • Weed out the suckers of your happiness from your life. You may read this insightful article on the subject here
  • Don’t be lonely, loneliness kills. For further details, you may read my article- Effects of loneliness on your body and mind – here
  • Share your happiness with others as happiness is only real when shared
  • Studies have shown that practicing giving and kindness, in any form money or even some words of genuine praise, make you happier. For further details you may read this wonderful article here
  • You experience more happiness when you buy things for others than when you buy things for yourself.
  • Practice gratitude Be thankful. For further details you may read this article

Know that money is important

Although it is true that money can’t buy happiness, especially a lasting happiness. Yet you shouldn’t underestimate importance of money in leading a happy and fulfilling life.

As by having money you may or may not buy the happiness, but not having the money will certainly lead to you in utter unhappiness.

You may or may not like it, but fact remains that your friends, relatives and even people very close to you like your spouse and children love and respect you because you have money.

In some isolated cases they still might not be loving you despite you having enough money, but believe me that if this is the case then your having in possession of money is even more important.

Because as soon as such people will sense that you are running out of money they will despise you even more and will make your life hell.

If possible weed out such people from your life as early as possible, if you really care for your happiness. For further details you may read my article – Don’t let anyone steal your happiness – on the subject.

Y K Gupta

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