Make Hard Work Your Passion

By Y K Gupta

Make hard work your passion depicted by WORK HARDER written on a neon sign

If you want to work hard then first make hard work your passion!

As if you go for hard work because everyone says that success is not possible without hard work. Then you start working hard and soon you realize burn outs, you get tired quickly and very soon you start losing interest.

And soon you start realizing that results and progress are not enough in comparison to hard work you put in achieving your goals.

At this point you become disheartened and take a decision that hard work is too high a price for success. And then you give up and settle for mediocrity and less in life.

But please know that even today hard work is more important than smart work.

This happens because you have not made hard work your passion

But why you have not made hard work your passion?  The reason is that the goals are not settled by you. These goals are rather imposed on you from outside. As a matter of fact, these goals are imposed on you by your boss, your family or society.

These people and organizations set goals for you as per their expectations from you. These are rather their goals and dreams which they want to achieve by making you a vehicle for achieving their dreams and goals. And these certainly aren’t your goals or dreams!

Here is a video on importance of hard work by none other than legendary entrepreneur Elon Musk-

You can make hard work your passion when you OWN your goal

As these goals aren’t your goals at the first place. so you hardly have a desire for going to achieve these goals.

Further, as you are working on these goals without any inner commitment and as per the desire of others and not yours. So it is only natural that you feel pushed and get tired and withdrawn very soon.

The other reason of giving up so quickly on hard work is that you want to achieve your goals by seer hard work only, without having a mentor or coach.

However roots of your going without a mentor are also rooted in the first reason of being goal imposed on you. And because it is the goal of someone else and not yours and therefore your heart and mind doesn’t try to find out ways and means to achieve that.

Had this been your desired goal then your heart and mind would have tried for achieving it in a more efficient manner.

Make hard work your passion depicted by FUEL YOUR PASSION written against black background
Make hard work your passion

Choose your goals yourself

So, while this is true that you hardy get any success in any endeavor without hard work but to make it possible for you to work hard you need two basic ingredients.

First is the goal, which you have chosen for yourself and not the goal imposed on you from outside.

This is YOUR goal which you set for yourself to achieve. You OWN this goal. As you have chosen your goal, so you have a burning desire inside you to achieve this goal. To achieve this goal you don’t need any outside motivation.

Instead even if someone or something comes in your way and tries to demotivate you; even then you are not demotivated.

And rather become more committed to achieve your goal. If you have some desire like that then rest assured this is your goal and while working to achieve this goal you will not get tired by working hard.

You will need no one to inspire you or motivate you; you will not need anyone to tell you to work hard.

Instead people will realize that you are working day and night on your desired goal and rather will ask you to slow down and take care of yourself.

But your desire to achieve your goals will not let you slow down. Your body may get tired but your heart and mind will ask you to continue the journey towards your mission.

You will not need any outside motivation to work hard, instead you will like to continue even against outside challenges coming your way and you will be surpassing them with grit.

Then, how to work hard will not be the question before you. Instead nothing will be able to stop you from working hard and harder.

As you have now chosen your goal for yourself, so now on hard work will be your passion

As when you have now chosen your goal for yourself, so now on hard work will be your passion. And you will be like a child who is never tired of playing, even when you feel that he has played too much and need a rest. But his heart and mind is still in play and he just want to play more.

Now on, you will be like this mountaineer in this picture, who knows the dangers and is aware of pain his body already experiencing. He is also aware of warnings about the bad weather, but still wants to continue his expedition as this is his goal, his desire, his commitment.

Make hard work your passion depicted by a mountaineer climbing a rock
Make hard work your passion

No one is compelling him or asking him to continue, rather he is being advised to stop but his commitment to himself and his inner desire of achieving his goal, is not allowing him to stop and he continues to his expedition.

He is in a state where how to work hard is not a question rather how not to work hard is the issue he has to tackle.

Have a mentor to achieve your goals faster

I always keep on emphasizing the need of a mentor in achieving your goals in almost all of my articles. If you are really passionate about achieving your goals then never ever go without a mentor.

I have further described the importance of having a mentor in achieving your goals in my article- how to become an expert in your field.

You can’t imagine, what wonder a mentor can do in your pursuit of achieving your goals. A mentor is, who has already gone through the process you are about to get into.

He knows all the twists and turns towards the road to success. And therefore guide you so well on your path of success and achievements.

He will be like a guiding post for you whenever you feel like losing the right track. He will keep you focused when you get distracted. And, he will make your journey towards achievement of your goals so less painful.

Further, you will reach your destination a lot more earlier than if you would have decided to complete your journey, all by yourself.

So now on make hard work your passion and don’t settle for less!

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