How to Conquer Procrastination With 2 Minute Rule

By Y K Gupta          Updated on April 10, 2020

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In my article how to attain expertise I have discussed the concept of 10000 hours rule in detail for attaining expertise in your chosen field. And in this article I will introduce you to the all powerful concept of how to conquer procrastination with 2 minute rule.

What the 2 minute rule to conquer procrastination is all about

The concept of 2 minute rule has been introduced by David Allen in his bestselling book Getting Things Done. And since then it has helped millions of people to help conquer the habit of procrastination.

The book has become so popular, that the strategy which resulted in achieving the goals by applying this method is now called Getting Things Done or GTD method of achieving goals.

The 2 minute rule basically stipulates that you should start doing the things which can be completed within 2 minutes right now, as a first step towards conquering your habit of procrastination.

As and when, you experience the need of working on any task of any importance which can be completed within 2 minutes, just do that immediately.

And obviously when you practice 2 minute rule and start doing the things right now, which can be completed within two minutes, then you are already out of your habit of procrastination up to an extent. Aren’t you?

The 2 minute rule to conquer procrastination has two parts

The 2 minute rule to conquer procrastination has two parts. first part is to complete the tasks which can be completed within 2 minutes right now. Working for only 2 minutes is such a small effort that you can not say ‘No’ to this idea.

And the second part deals with the tasks which can not be completed within 2 minutes.

And for such tasks the 2 minute rule to conquer procrastination stipulates that you should start working on such tasks now at least for 2 minutes.

So as you get started. As you know well that getting started is the toughness part of accomplishing any goal.

It appears like taking a baby step towards achieving your goals but it is of immense importance.

As your mind notices it that you have started a task and your mind has a tendency to keep on reminding you for completing the tasks you have already started.

You also feel more inclined to complete the tasks where you have already put in some of your valuable time and efforts and also completed the most challenging part of any assignment and that is- Getting Started.

The real idea behind 2 minute rule to conquer procrastination

How to conquer procrastination with 2 minute rule depicted by a Stop Procrastination signage
How to conquer procrastination with 2 minute rule

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But this is only the starting point of your quest to conquer procrastination. In fact, the two minute rule is basically a rule of getting you started.

And this getting started, of course, is the toughest part of moving towards in the directions of achieving your goals. I have discussed this phenomenon in my article producing high quality work in detail.

The idea behind two minute rule is to move you from a position of rest to a position of motion. Yes, you are right; it rightly reminds you of Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion.

This law basically implies that an object in rest stays in rest and an object in motion continues to stay in motion.

The good news for you is this, that this law is also applicable to human beings. And this fact is behind the almost miraculous results, 2 minute rule produces for you. We will now dive a little deeper in the subject matter.

You might have noticed in your life these phenomenon happening again and again-

  • While you get out of your home with the intention of just having a small walk for 5 minutes, then you start enjoying it after a short while and end up walking for 30 minutes or more.
  • You just call a friend over phone with an intention of having a chat for 2 minutes ……. and this is just not coming to an end.
  • You enter a mall to buy one single grocery item and you know what, you end up buying 10 more.
This happens because you have already decided to act and started action at whatsoever small scale. As you have already conquered the most difficult part of getting things done and conquering procrastination and that is getting started.

Where you can employ 2 minute rule to conquer procrastination in your life?

And the answer is that you can employ this how to conquer procrastination within 2 minute rule, in almost every aspect of your life in which you find yourself procrastinating.

It works for you with equal efficiency for getting started on both small as well as colossal goals–

  • You want to arrange your wardrobe but procrastinating to do so for a long time. Just start small with 2 minute rule; chances are you will end up arranging it completely. No matter how much time of yours, it took ultimately.
  • Want an uncluttered desk? Then, just start with an intention of giving it 2 minutes of your time NOW. And chances are you will continue until it is uncluttered up to your satisfaction.

The 2 minute rule to conquer procrastination also works well for your bigger goals –

  • Want to write an article or a book? What you have to do? You have to write a few sentences to start with. So write a few sentences. The chances are that ideas will start flowing and you will happily end up writing a few pages.
  • Always wanted to practice some skill like playing a violin? Then, just do that for two minutes, chances are you will practice and enjoy for a greater length of time resulting in perceivable improvement in your particular skill.
  • Do you find yourself procrastinating in saying thank you to someone who has helped you in your hard times? Do it now, the nice experience will help you in making it a habit.
  • And you always wanted to make it a habit to read good books; but hardly had any time or motivation; none of these two are required. As like everyone else, you also have 24 hours in a day.
  • So please arrange and live these 24 hours in a manner to initially sparing 2 minutes to achieve your goal. And the momentum generated after getting started will take care of the rest.

In fact this conquer procrastination with 2 minute rule concept can be applied to all aspects of your life.

So, whenever you catch yourself procrastinating, just apply this how to conquer procrastination with 2 minute rule to break your inertia.

And just experience how fast it brings you nearer to your goals.

For more details and uses of this how to conquer procrastination with two minute rule watch this beautifully created animation video-

Results are seemingly miraculous if you implement 2 minute rule to conquer procrastination in true spirit

Please understand, the idea behind saying you might get miraculous results conquering the procrastination with 2 minute rule if implemented in true spirit is that this rule is not indicating that you just need to work for two minutes to achieve your goals rather it effectively asking you to just get started in those two minutes.

It is asking you to break your inertia in those two minutes and start working on your larger goals and dreams.

One more important thing to avoid procrastination and getting started, that I always insist, is to put things in writing. When you put your small or big goals in writing, you get those ideas out of your mind and into the realm of reality.

And from this realm of realty it is easy for you to take action towards achieving your goals.

Follow your dreams and goals with passion and commitment

How to conquer procrastination with 2 minute rule

If you are not self employed and are working for some other organization then you can understand it a little better. If time of reaching at your office is at 9.00 am then you reach at your office at 9.00 am and start working.

I don’t know whether you do it under compulsion or you are motivated enough to do so, but nevertheless you do it.

No matter whether or not you are feeling motivated or not you reach your office in time. Whether or not you are feeling like working or not you still start working and work for the designated hours.

You need to embark upon the work needed, with same commitment and discipline, to achieve your goals. No matter whether you are felling motivated or not, no matter whether you are feeling like working or not.

Start working towards your goals. And after sometime things will get momentum and you will find it easy to continue to work towards achieving your goals.

The idea is to choose the hard choice of getting started over easy choice of procrastination, if you ever want to achieve anything of any importance in your life.
how to conquer procrastination with 2 minute depicted by a signage reading "Fuel your Passion"
How to conquer procrastination with 2 minute rule

Lack of time or motivation are only excuses

You just need to follow your passion, your goals, in the same manner. Don’t care whether you are motivated or not. Don’t care whether you are feeling like working on your goals or not.

But, just show up as per your schedule and start working towards achieving your dreams and goals. More often than not, when you just start working for a few minutes on your goals, things start flowing.

And you happily find yourself nearer to realizing your dreams.

So, I urge you if you are really interested in taking your life to the next level, then you first have to conquer the one of those biggest enemies of your dreams.

And the name of this enemy is your habit of procrastination. But you now have such a powerful tool in your hands in the form of 2 minute rule to conquer your habit of procrastination.

And now you just need to use it relentlessly to win over this enemy of your dreams.

I wish you victory in conquering, this one of the biggest enemies of your dreams called procrastination, with the help of this all powerful 2 minute rule .

But for this you need to initiate some small actions. You just need to initiate such small actions which can be completed in less than 2 minutes or 120 seconds.

2 minutes rule is here to help you break the initial inertia and put you in the momentum for achieving your dreams. Those fascinating dreams that you always loved so much!

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