How to Attain Expertise in Your Field

By Y K Gupta          Updated on Feb 28, 2020

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Before we discuss practical ways of attaining expertise in your chosen field, let me introduce you to a very interesting concept in connection with the topic of how to attain expertise in your chosen field.

10000 hour rule of attaining expertise 

And the concept is known as 10000 hour rule. The concept was introduced by the well known writer Malcolm Gladwell, who has discussed this concept extensively in his book titled Outliers.

The book is based on a year 1993 study   titled- The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance- by renowned psychologist Anders Ericsson.

The rule stipulates that if you work at a chosen field for 10000 hours, you will attain expertise  in that field. But first of all let us become aware, what does it takes to work for 10000 hours.

It takes 10 years if we work 5 days a week and for 4 hours per day. Suddenly it starts appearing a long wait to attain expertise.

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How to attain expertise

You can attain expertise earlier 

But the good news is that how many years will it take, depends on your passion to attain expertise. If you are passionate enough to attain expertise in your field then certainly you will effortlessly be putting more than 20 hours per week, resulting in early achievement of expertise in your field.

So, how quickly will you attain expertise in your chosen field will obviously depend on how many hours of practice you put in every week and how many days per week you put in practice. 

The idea behind discussing it is to get you mentally prepared for paying the price it takes to attain expertise in your field.

However, if you are really passionate about attaining expertise then you should not be complaining. Instead you should be enjoying this journey of attaining expertise in your chosen field.

Now, I presume that you are among the ones who are committed to attain the expertise in your chosen field. And you are ready to pay the price it takes to attain the expertise in your chosen field.

And the price is working passionately for 10000 hours to become expert and producing high quality work to get at the summit of your field.

You have to complete those 10000 hours of work as quickly as you want to attain expertise in your chosen field.

But wait! That is not enough to attain expertise in your chosen field

If working for 10000 hours in a particular field makes one expert then why we witness in our day to day life an employee who has put in more than 30 years of service in an organization and still not an expert in his work.

A doctor with decades of practice still doesn’t attract enough patients and still not attained expertise in his field.

On the same footing why an artisan in his sixties and even after working whole of his life on his craft, still not producing quality crafts.

Had this been only about working for 10000 hours in a particular field then they all must have been experts in their chosen fields attracting big fame and fortune.

But it is not the case.

On the other hand, we witness doctors, artisans, employees and people in other fields and professions, who in a very short time and young age are considered experts in their fields.

They are generating quality crafts, curing patients, producing unparalleled performances and productivity and attracting hordes of clients, reputation, recognition, are well paid and putting in amazing contribution to the society.  

So what makes the difference? Is the 10000 hour rule not correct? Or does it not apply to all people?  Or is it selective?  What are the missing pieces of this jigsaw puzzle?

Find the answers in my next article- How to Become an Expert in Your Field.

Till then wish you all the success in your pursuit of attaining expertise in your chosen field!

Y K Gupta

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