How can I be Spreading Happiness

By Y K Gupta          Updated on May 25, 2020

In my last article How can I spread Happiness I have discussed why spreading happiness is so important? And the answer is that happiness is one of those few things like knowledge, which increases when you spread or give it to someone or to the society at large.

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It comes back to us increased manifold. In my last article, I have also discussed that for spreading happiness first you should also be happy, as only a happy person can spread happiness. As you can give or spread only those things which you already possess. Read my this article to know how to produce happiness on demand.

And for being happy you should also have to weed out the people who suck your happiness. I have discussed the strategies for weeding out such people from your life in my article- Don’t Allow anyone to steal your happiness.

Further, I have also discussed in my last article that quality time is the most precious gift you can give to anyone. And that key for spreading happiness is caring for and giving quality time to your children and spouse.

In this article we will discuss spreading happiness by caring and giving time to our parents, friends, relatives and society at large.

Give time to your parents

Spreading happiness depicted by a photo of a family together at dinner table
How can I be spreading happiness?

Our parents are unlikely to live with us forever. Give time to them, discuss and talk to them. And you will also certainly get some pearls of wisdom in the process of increasing their happiness.

If you establish this loving and caring culture in your home, then it will result in a very precious tradition and you will also be a beneficiary of this tradition. This action of yours will spread happiness around you and your family.

Don’t leave your parents alone. Loneliness kills. If your parents live alone, away from your nuclear family, consider making them part of your family. They may or may not oblige, but at least ask them sincerely to stay along with your family.

This will also benefit your children as your children will learn many a things which connect them with their values and heritage. This will also result in a very strong bond among all the members of your family, which is the backbone of the unit called family.

To spread happiness practice giving to friends and relatives

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How can I be spreading happiness?

After taking care of happiness of yourself and your loved ones, now is the time to consider doing something for your friends, relatives and society.

Again not only this target group will benefit from your giving but you will also get benefited immensely. As better connected are you, more opportunities come to you. For achieving this make a list of friends and relatives who have done anything good for you.

Also write down in detail what exactly good they have done for you. Do preferably meet them and express your gratitude towards them for favors they have bestowed on you.

Let them know that you care for the good friends and that you love and respect such friends.

Spreading happiness in society at large

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How can I be spreading happiness?

Next, of course, you can spread happiness through service to the society. By your act of helping the needy, imparting some skill which you possess to the people who are in need of that skill and likely to be benefited from your particular skill.

I also invite you to read this article on how helping others increase your happiness as well. You will also be amazed to know how staying happy adds to your wellness also, which I have discussed in my article Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Happiness.

You can also join some group or community which is active in social work which results in spreading happiness. Join and judge if this is the right place for you?

The parameter of judging is that you should also enjoy the activity. As spreading happiness must also add to your happiness as well.

For spreading happiness practice giving

For some more ideas of spreading happiness, see this wonderful video by Chad Brownstein which has already attracted millions of views, in this video you will find that giving doesn’t always mean parting with money, there might be infinite ways of giving-

When you practice giving it instills in you a deep sense of satisfaction. The act of giving results in percolation of idea in your mind of being worthy and important for the society.
This feeling, that you are contributing to the society and that you are useful to the society, is highly fulfilling.
This feeling percolates into your psyche, resulting in multi fold increase in your happiness. And this increased happiness will also make your body and mind healthier.

Spreading happiness also increases your happiness

And in the last a very important stuff, when you are connected with some group or community, your circle of influence also gets increased. You suddenly find yourself in a class apart.

Very few people realize benefits of being part of a large group or community. Your being part of a large group or community results in you getting well connected.

This satisfies your primitive desire of being part of a large group and thus adding to your happiness and giving you a deeper sense of security and satisfaction.

Getting well connected also increases your chances of getting lucky as it throws more opportunities in your way compared to a person who is not well connected.

So as you are now aware that how spreading happiness also increases your happiness. And also you have become aware of the multiple benefits accruing to you when you are busy spreading happiness to others, then just go ahead and start spreading happiness.

It should be like offering fragrant flowers to someone where some fragrance is also retained in your hands.

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How can I spread happiness


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  1. Making society happy is most important for most of us . So efforts to spread happiness in society give you a lot of happiness in return. Good article Guptaji.

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