How can I Spread Happiness

By Y K Gupta          Updated on November 04, 2020

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Happiness is one of the most cherished emotions which when spread results in enhanced happiness to the person who is spreading it. So let’s explore the ways and means of spreading happiness.

As I always emphasize charity begins at home. So always keep yourself first, not because you are very selfish, but because it is necessary to take care of your happiness in order to being able to spread happiness among your loved ones and in society at large.

So, do whatsoever it takes ethically to become healthy, prosperous, skillful and of course happy in your life, if you want to do any good to your friends, family and society at large. 

For further details on the subject matter read my article how to produce happiness on demand.

To spread happiness first take care of your own happiness

Happiness is contagious. This study shows that when a person becomes happy then chances of his friends living nearby also becoming happy, improve by as much as 25%.

Watch this beautifully created video to further explore the benefits of spreading happiness –

As only a happy person can spread happiness, so first take care of your own happiness. If you yourself are not happy then there is hardly any chance that you will spread happiness. 

You can spread or give only the things you possess. To spread happiness first you have to take care of your own happiness, as then only you can spread happiness.

To spread happiness plug the holes which are draining your happiness

In order to spread happiness you need to employ a two pronged strategy, first you need to plug the holes which are draining your happiness. I have discussed this strategy in detail in my article don’t allow anyone to steal your happiness.

And secondly you should take care of the things which are responsible for your enhanced happiness. Things like your health, your job and your financials.

Take care of these areas as if you mismanage any of these, each of them will take no time to turn into a devil. And this devil will not only take away your happiness but also your peace of mind.

Not to talk of your ability to be useful to the society or fulfilling your dream of spreading happiness. Not staying happy results in a lot many unwanted repercussions including hazards to your health.

I have discussed this phenomenon in detail in my article Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Happiness.

So, give top priority to your own happiness. This is a very virtuous cycle, when you are happy you spread happiness and when you spread happiness this results in your becoming happier and the cycle goes on.

Keep these cycles rolling. Now let us focus on the practical aspects of finding answer of our moot question how can I spread happiness?

To spread happiness – key is GIVING

Believe me when it comes to giving, there is hardly anything better than giving your time, quality time. Why I rate it so high? I rate it so high because I am a little selfish.

Because, this is the only thing when you are giving you are also receiving simultaneously. As the other person is also giving his time to you simultaneously, which is one of the most precious gifts we can give or receive.

Gift of quality time creates a bond that lasts long and is foundation of a lasting happiness.

Give time to children

Talk to them and play with them. And in the process, you are the party which gets more, as children are naturally in bliss.

Talking and playing with children not only makes children more happy and develops a bond between you and them, it also results in increased level of happiness for you.

Spread happiness depicted by smiling girl child with colorful paint on her dress and body
How can I spread happiness

Company of a little child sucks stress out of you. When you talk to and play with children your stress level automatically comes down.

You might have already experienced it, you just need to be more aware of the phenomenon and do this more often for the benefit of both, you and your children.

Give time to your spouse

Just sit beside and let your spouse talk to you. If you listen with an intention to understand then you will get a lot many insights in connection with behavior of your spouse, which was such a puzzle until now.

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How can I spread happiness

Don’t take your spouse for granted. Perhaps your spouse is the most important person in your life, as with your spouse you spend most of the time of your life. More than you spend with your parents or with your children.

Your relationship with your spouse is most important for your own happiness

Your relationship with your spouse is most important ingredient of the recipe of a happy life, for you as well as for your spouse. Don’t allow it to get sour at any cost, barring the exceptions.

Focus on understanding emotional needs of your spouse. Look, what results in positive response and what is disliked or is even hurtful to your spouse.

Try to fortify the behavior which results in positive response and at the same time eliminating the irritants.

Reflect on the behavioral changes needed in you to further strengthen the bond between you and your life partner.

Need of spreading happiness in this particular relationship can’t be over emphasized. As perhaps this single relationship is responsible for 80% of happiness or unhappiness in your life. 

And happiness or otherwise in this particular relationship will ultimately decide whether or not you lived a happy life.

In my next article on the same subject matter – read here , I have discussed about spreading happiness towards your parents, friends, relatives and society at large.

So keep on spreading happiness as among other things most importantly it is beneficial to you as well.

Wish you happiness abound!

Y K Gupta

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  1. Yes ! ofcourse , first we have to take care of our own happiness,as we can spread only our own treasure. It may be positivity or negativity , what we have earned so far.Thanks for entering into deeper and deeper layers of happiness… eagerly awaiting to your next article .

  2. Good article. Happiness is ultimate goal of everyone’s life. Techniques given n in the article are worth implementing by all. Thanks for nice article.

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