How can I Become More Responsible?

By Y K Gupta          Updated on May 22, 2020

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People like you and me, who want to contribute more to the society and nation we live in, almost always keep on asking to ourselves this question. And question is- how can I become more responsible? 

How can I become more responsible to myself, to my friends family and loved ones, to my profession and clients, to the society I live in and to the nation at large.

In this article I will try to address these questions. In order to become responsible or more responsible, first you have to understand what your responsibilities are.

Here is a detailed analysis on the subject of responsibility for those who would like further details.

Taking care of yourself, your health, your family, your job, your time and of course your finances will ensure that you are a responsible person.

Being responsible towards yourself

Well, charity begins at home. So first of all please understand that most importantly you should be responsible for your own development.

  • First of all you must take care of your health and happiness. As you can perform responsibly only when you yourself are happy and healthy. For achieving this state of health and happiness, you need to ensure that you have time to exercise regularly and you consume healthy food.
  • You must also ensure that you are honing your skills on a continuous and ongoing basis with an eye on daily improvements.
  • You should expend your time responsibly. For achieving this feat, you should invest your time in positive activities like learning, reading good books and being with loved ones.
  • Further, you should practice some skills which will improve your chances of getting ahead of competition in life. And you should not waste your time on unproductive activities like gossips and spending too much time watching TV or on social media.

You may read my article how to learn anything in 20 hours, which will fast track your learning skills.

I have further elaborated on these life enhancing traits in my article – How to Attain Expertise in Your Field

Being responsible towards your children

As a responsible person, you are bound to be responsible towards growth and development of your children, their health, their happiness and their education.

You are also responsible to raise them in such a manner that they turn out to be a responsible citizen of the nation and are self dependent.

To achieve this you have to provide for their higher education and you should follow some financial goals for the purpose.

Being responsible towards your spouse

Further your relationship with your spouse will ultimately decide whether you have lived a happy life fulfilled with contentment or not.

So take ultimate care of your spouse. As your spouse is the most important person in your life. This is also the relationship in which you spend most of the time of your life.

As your relationship with your spouse can make or destroy your health happiness peace of your life as well as your social reputation.

Being responsible towards your parents

Further your parents will not be there for always. Take care of them when they are still there.

If you live in a nuclear family at least ask your parents to please live with you. I don’t know whether they will oblige or not but they will feel happy and will certainly shower their blessings more on you.

However ask sincerely and with the intention of really taking them with you. Don’t try to game them.

Responsible people don’t procrastinate

One more very important trait of responsible people is that they don’t procrastinate. And if you are having a habit of procrastination, then you have to initiate some action to get rid of this urgently.

To start with, you can apply 2 minute rule to get rid of your habit of procrastination.

The rule basically insists that you should immediately start doing the works which can be completed within 2 minutes. And you should not procrastinate at least those small works, which can be completed within 2 minutes.

And on the other hand, for the tasks which can not be completed within 2 minute you are expected to at least initiate some work on such tasks in these two minutes.

This rule is basically to getting you started at a very small level, where you can’t say No. Just to getting you out of the inertia, which ultimately aims at getting you out of your habit of procrastination completely and turning you into a responsible person.

Use these tools to become responsible and avoid procrastination

I have discussed this 2 minute rule of getting started in my article how to conquer procrastination with 2 minute rule, in detail.

I have also made an in depth analysis of the subject of procrastination in my article why we procrastinate and how to stop it.

Another method of getting out of the habit of procrastination is 5 minute rule. This rule stipulates that you just start working on the tasks which you are procrastination just for 5 minutes. And after 5 minute you have full liberty of either continue to work on the task in hand or you may stop working on it.

And the results indicate that more often than not you are likely to continue doing the task even after completion of those initial 5 minutes.

Both of these techniques are for getting you started as this is the toughest part of your fight against the habit of procrastination. Choose whatever fitted you best.

But initiate some action, today.

Assume responsibility of your life and take ACTION to improve it

You cannot always keep on blaming people and circumstances in your life. Everyone has more or less of them in their lives. You need to take control of your life. As you can’t change your past so instead of living in your past you need to focus on NOW.

Take charge of your life now. If people and circumstances are not favorable in your life, then instead of keeping on dwelling on them, rather get up and do whatsoever you can, to change those circumstances and get those people out of your scheme of things.

As if you are reading my articles from any length of time you know that I always emphasize that ACTION is the key of change. If you want to change anything in your life you have to take action to change that.

So, stop fretting on your misfortune in past and start to write the script of your bright future by taking action now. 

Watching this wonderful video will also be of great help in preparing yourself for taking control of your life and also starting taking actions to improve your life and achieving your goals –

Being responsible towards your finances

As a responsible person you also have to take care for your finances. For achieving this goal you have to ensure that-

You have to ensure that you get some job, government private or self employment.

  • You have to keep your expenditures well within your earnings.
  • Further, you must save at least some part of your earnings, no matter how less or more your earnings are.
  • You need to set financial goals as per your future needs.
  • You need to understand the power of compounding. So start investing early and for the long term as per your financial goals.
  • Don’t indulge in speculative activities. This is the worst thing to do to your finances. As there is a limit of losses in all other investment vehicles but there is no limit how much you can lose in speculation.
  • Further, speculation is habit forming activity which leads to compulsive behavior.
  • Many people who are earning a lot of money from their businesses or jobs are forced to live a life less financial freedom due to their habit of getting indulged in speculative activities.
  • Indulging in speculative activities hurts your reputation.
  • Speculation drains you emotionally.
  • Speculation hits hard to your professional development, as your mind gets stuck in the speculative bets.
  • This results in hampering your ability to concentrate on your job. And outcome of which is your poor performance and poor progress in career or profession you pursue.

Trading and investing in stock markets are speculative, habit forming activities which drain you out emotionally as well

How can I become more responsible depicted by man working on laptop
How can I become more responsible?
  • Trading in stock markets is a speculative activity and I consider it an irresponsible behavior. It is a full time job and if you decide to choose this as your career do it at your own risk.
  • As odds are highly against you. It is believed that only one out of 1000 trader is successful. Further the activity also drains you out emotionally, which in turn takes a toll on your mental and physical health as well.
  • However, you can invest in the stock markets through a less speculative vehicle like mutual funds which aim at investing in large cap companies.
  • Go for the growth scheme and not for the dividend paying ones. Keep in mind the almost miraculous power of compounding. 
  • You can also invest in index funds to further mitigate your risk. To know in detail what an index fund is read here.

Being responsible towards your friends, family and loved ones

Next we come to the question of your being responsible towards your friends, family and loved ones.

However, please understand that being responsible towards you is of utmost importance.It is the first and most necessary step in becoming responsible towards your friends, family and loved ones.

As only if you are healthy, financially sound, skilled and manage your time well then only you will have necessary resources, to become responsible and useful to your friends, family and loved ones and to the society at large.

If you want to become more responsible, first be responsible to yourself, then to your friends, family and loved ones and then to the society at large.

Being responsible towards your profession, society and nation

If you are responsibly managing yourself and your family, then you are already contributing to the society indirectly as you and your family is an integral part of the society you live in.

Need not to say that you have to pay your taxes honestly and on time. Further, you have to obey laws of the land willingly, which makes you a responsible citizen.

If you are a professional then please ensure to keeps the interests of your clients ahead of your own interests and ensure not to part with the information of your clients which can harm the interests of your clients.

A litmus test of whether or not you are behaving responsibly towards your clients or in the society is to find out whether your actions are beneficial to your clients and the society at large or they are detrimental to your clients and the social cause.

And finally you can start contributing directly to the society and nation. You can do it by taking part in or initiating, some positive social activities of your interest in which you are skilled and can be a person of resource to the society and nation.

Congratulations to a more responsible you!

Y K Gupta


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  2. Good article. making ourselves in society is most important. Our responsibility towards our family, friends, relatives and people who love us most, is continuous process without interruption. Thoughts of writer are clear about responsibility. Thanks for good article.

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