Happiness Only Real When Shared

By Y K Gupta                                      Updated on September 1, 2020

Happiness only real when shared depicted by a man with a backpack

“Happiness only real when shared” are the words of a young man who has experienced this reality at the cost of his life.

Yes, I am talking about Christopher McCandless.

He was a young man of 24, who had just completed his graduation, had an open mind, was adventurous and wanted to experience the world, its meaning and happiness in its all grandeur. And for attaining this feat he has taken an unusual rather weird decision.

And the decision was really not only immensely challenging but it was a real threat to his life.

A real threat to his life!

But this young man was determined to experience the happiness in his own ways.

He had put the money in his wallet on fire. And as per the plans left everything he possessed in the city he lived and moved in to the deep Alaskan wilderness.

Where there was none to interact with, he had no idea how he is going to handle that entire wilderness. Where there were no civil amenities, hardly any place to live and sleep and no surety of having any food for his survival.

Later, his decomposed dead body was recovered from the wilderness in an abandoned and rotten bus.

It is believed that he might have consumed some poisonous berries which resulted in weakening of his body and thereafter, unable to arrange for his food he has died of starvation.

Near to his dead body was found a book and on one page of that book, there were these words written by him-

“Happiness only real when shared”

So this was the tragic end of life of a young man!

But before departing for his heavenly abode he has given an unequivocal and self experienced message to the mankind that if you want to experience true happiness then you need to share it. As happiness when shared not only becomes real but it also increases manifold.

Happiness only real when shared depicted by a happy man with his family
Happiness only real when shared

Later a book as well as a full length movie – Into the wild – was made on this true story of Christopher McCandless.

Here is the trailer of that movie – Into the wild – made on the life of Christopher McCandless –

Now when we agree that happiness is real only when shared then it becomes necessary for us to know how to share and spread happiness among the people around us.

Here we go-

Care for your happiness

Happiness only real when shared depicted by a happy girl with goggles
Happiness only real when shared

The first and foremost action you have to take for sharing happiness is that you care for your own happiness.

First of all be happy yourself and then only you can share happiness. If you yourself aren’t happy then how can you share happiness? As you can’t share what you don’t possess.

Happiness is real only when shared so don’t be lonely

Don’t be lonely, loneliness kills, so socialize – take part in social activities. Join in the celebrations. Keep throwing small parties on certain occasions. If there aren’t any occasions around to celebrate then creating a few by your  own will be of great help.

Practice giving and be thankful

When you help someone, say some comforting words to someone or write a thank you note to someone then your body releases one of the the happiness hormones Serotonin. 

This results in a feeling of deep satisfaction and deep contentment encompassing you.

So the take away from the tragic story of this promising young man is that -be more social, care more for friends, family and relations, stay near to them and love them.

We humans are designed by nature and have evolved for living in society.

Be happy and keep spreading happiness!

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