Is happiness a State of Mind?

By Y K Gupta

Happiness is a state of mind depicted by a smiling woman in blue dress

Is happiness a state of mind? And the answer to this question is – Yes, happiness is a state of mind.

After knowing that happiness is a state of mind, then the next and even more important question arises- If happiness is a state of mind then how to achieve that state of mind?

And you will find in this article practical ways to achieve that elusive state of mind which reflects a happy state of mind.

I want to discuss in this article only powerful practical strategies to attain a happy state of mind and want to avoid the theory part.

Still if you are interested, then you can find the definition of state of mind here.

Happiness is a state of mind only when you surround yourself with positive people

Happiness is a state of mind depicted by a woman wearing black top, laughing
Happiness is a state of mind

This all important happiness, is a state of mind only if you surround yourself with positive people and weed out negative people from beautiful garden of your life.

In fact one of the most important reasons people fail to reach the happy state of mind is their inability to weed out toxic people out of their life.

For weeding out such people out of your life, make a list of people who are most responsible for your unhappiness. These are the people who are robbing you of your happiness.

Don’t allow such people to rob your happiness. Here is a detailed article on this subject.

Apply this strategy to weed out negative people from your life

I am producing the strategy to weed out negative people from your life here under –

  • Make a list of the people who are robbing you out of your happiness in descending order i.e. most toxic person on the top.
  • Choose 1 to 5 people at first for action of weeding out them from your life. These are the people who are most likely are the reason for more than 80% of your unhappiness.
  • Communicate with these people politely asking them that you aren’t comfortable with them and would like to have minimal interaction with them.
  • If possible cut all the links with them, to help yourself getting such people completely out of your mind.
  • If you aren’t in a position to completely throw these negative people out of your life then at least reduce your interaction with such people considerably. Here considerably means reduction in interaction at least 90% or more.
  • While interacting with such people always try to have the session as brief as possible. Be precise and find out the ways to close the interaction with these toxic people as soon as possible.
  • If there is any person in your friend list at social media, whose comments result in unhappiness to you, BLOCK him right now.

Replace negative and toxic people in your life with loving and caring people

Happiness is a state of mind depicted by a woman in a garden surrounded with yellow flowers
Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is a state of mind only when you are able to get yourself surrounded by the people who love you and care for your happiness.

As happy state of mind can only be achieved when you weed out pricks, the negative people, from your life and replace them with the positive people, the blossoming flowers.

The simple yet amazingly powerful idea here is to reduce the presence of negative people as much as possible in your life and replace them with the positive, loving, caring people.

If any positive people come in your life just stick with them and increase your interaction with them. Give them more time and attention. And simply because of they being positive people, they will respond with love, care and attention multiplied manifold.

Please also ensure not to get stuck with creepy friends, job or relations.

As this world is large enough, so you can certainly find out many of your type.

Please get it embedded in your mind that you can’t change people’s personality, nature or behavior. And therefore it is a better idea to get out of relationships of any kind with toxic people.

As personality type are almost impossible to change and therefore only option left with you is to replace negative and toxic people with nice loving and caring ones.

Don’t fall prey of impractical advises internet is filled with

Don’t listen to the impractical advises internet is filled with that no one can steal your peace if you don’t allow.

Just try using some harsh words for the people who are giving these advises, they will come down to their natural self and will start quarreling with you.

Even if they choose to not to fight with you, if you are stronger than them, still their false happy state of mind will disappear soon and will not be restored until you are out of their sight and even after that at least for some considerable time.

However, you are free to follow their advice if you think that you have risen to the stature of Jesus, Mahavir and Buddha.

Agreed happiness is state of mind, but how to achieve this happy state of mind?

I have already discussed the most prominent reason of your unhappiness, the negative and toxic people in your life, and also the strategy to how to weed out them from your life and replace them with positive, loving and caring people in previous paragraphs.

Furthermore, happiness comes from within, you feel it in your mind but sources or triggers are outside your mind.

Although most of them are in your control but some may not, like losing some dear one, loosing job, some unanticipated financial loss, break ups etc.

However, the key here is how quickly you recognize the trigger of your unhappiness, accept it and how quickly you exercise control over you or are able to overcome circumstances and people who triggered your unhappiness, to get out of sadness.

Further, to achieve happy state of mind-

  • Spread happiness, more you spread happiness more it comes back to you.
  • Practice giving and be kind to people, it results in release in happiness hormones.
  • Practice gratitude.
  • Reward yourself, do things you enjoy, having fun, being with friend, any activity you like to do.
  • Company of the people you love.
  • Calm down, meditate, deep breath.

Don’t expect to be happy always

Also it is of immense importance to know that sad moments, negative people and unhappy moments happen to each of us in different intensity, in our lives. And they will also happen to you invariably.

However, this is your response to these moments of unhappiness, which will decide how quickly you come out of these sad moments and restore yourself in a state of happiness.

Be happy always! Well, most of time!

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