Is Happiness is a Choice?

By Y K Gupta

Happiness is a choice depicted by BE HAPPY written in pink color on a stone wall

Happiness is a choice only when-

  • you choose to be happy
  • And also take a few simple actions which when practiced will produce immense happiness for you.

So, to be happy first choose happiness for you and now when you have decided that happiness is a choice and you have chosen happiness for you, then this is the time to take these simple steps towards attaining happiness and lead a happy life –

1. In some situations it is better to choose happiness then proving that you are right

  1. Happiness is a choice if you remain grateful for what you have. And you don’t always sulk about what you don’t have. Be aware always that there are lot many people, for whom the life you presently are leading is like a dream come true.

  1. Science has also proved that being grateful and practicing gratitude results in added happiness for us and improves our physical as well as mental health.


  1. You can further explore benefits of practicing gratitude here in this research based article.


  1. It is a tendency of people that we always see what well others are having. But you may not be aware their.


  1. As it is the nature of human being that they always want to project their very best in front of the world and will not open their heart to everyone around.
  2. And therefore you can get easily deceived by the outer appearance of a person and may always remain unaware of the pain a person is undergoing in his personal life.

    2. Happiness is a choice if you wake up early and follow some productive routine

    Furthermore, happiness a choice for you if you choose to wake up early in the morning and follow some productive routine.

    If you wake up early in the morning, need not to say, there are hardly any distractions.  And you can use those magnificent early hours of the day for some productive work more efficiently.This puts you ahead of a lot many people who are still sleeping, while you have already achieved a lot in the morning taking advantage of distraction free working which is so much important for improving productivity as well as producing high quality work.

    Further, set some productive routine for yourself, as your body and mind love routines.

    Also, when you repeatedly perform any task at the same time and preferably at the same place, then your body and mind become so accustomed, comfortable and so very well aligned with that routine that they automatically produce peak performance.

    3. Happiness is a choice if you practice daily affirmations

    Almost all the extremely successful people in the world practice daily affirmations.

    Now when you are aware that happiness is a choice and you have chosen to be happy then you also need to tell yourself this fact many a time in a day that happiness is a choice. And that you choose to be happy. And that now you are a happy person.

However, the problem with affirmations is that when you feel inside that you aren’t happy then you find it hard to affirm to yourself that you are happy.

And the solution is in knowing that when you continuously tell something to your mind, then after sometime your mind starts believing that affirmation as true and produces those circumstances and conditions in your life which are being affirmed to the mind daily on a continuous and ongoing basis.

However, the precondition for getting results from this technique is that you have to affirm to yourself with emotion and believing that this technique will produce desired results.

Here is a link of a happiness affirmations video to make it easy for you to practice happiness affirmations daily.

  1. 4. Happiness is a choice if you smile more

    Happiness is a choice depicted by a boy running happily against the background of yellow flowers
    Happiness is a choice
  2. Happiness is a choice if you choose to smile more now on. Your mind takes it seriously when you smile more, even without having a perfect reason.
  3. Your mind, particularly subconscious mind is very powerful and when you smile, it takes it seriously and tries to produce reasons in your life to smile more.

  1. Further, more often than not when you smile at someone, you will also be treated with a smile. Your smiling face will be attracting lot many smiles in your life, making it happy and rich.

    5. Happiness is a choice if you treat people around you well

    If you believe that happiness is a choice then you have to treat people around you well. Because courtesy begets courtesy and  what you sow, so you reap.

    Never treat someone unfairly because you are stronger than someone or you are in a better position or post from where you can execute your nefarious designs.

    Instead, spread happiness and love around you and it will come back to you increased manifold.

    6. Happiness is a choice if you transform your pain in to your gain

    Pain is a great teacher and a wonderful motivator as well. Happiness is a choice for you if you commit yourself for using your pain for your gain.

    Many a people will criticize you for this thing or that. Don’t let such people steal your happiness.

    Instead find out, even if there is an iota of truth in the criticism. Don’t get perturbed by the criticism rather use that criticism in favor of you and iron out those small flaws in you and emerge out even stronger.

  1.  For example, a not much skilled teacher humiliates a student in front of class and tells him that he can never do anything good and is worth nothing.Now student has two choices, first and not desirable choice is that student becomes depressed and unhappy. And the other, more desirable choice is that student works on him, improves his grades and proves the teacher wrong.

    The satisfaction you draw when you prove someone who underestimate you wrong, is immense and has a lasting impact in adding to your happiness.

    7. Make some small achievements every day to make the day meaningful

    I can’t over emphasize importance of daily achievements for leading a happy and successful life.

  2. As these small every day achievements adds up to such an enormous amount of accomplishments that you are bound to experience happiness and a sense of worthiness. So, keep an eye on your day as it proceeds, right from the dawn, and and keep looking for your daily achievements before it is dusk. If happiness is a choice for you then make these daily achievements your habit.

    8. Happiness is a choice if you take care of your health and eat healthy food

  3. Happiness and health have a very strong connection. You are more likely to be happy if you are healthy and chances are that you will be healthier if you are a happy person.

Happy people are also likely to attract more success rather other way round.

  1. There are so many health benefits of happiness which I have listed in my article- health benefits of happiness.
  2. So, if happiness is a choice for you then take care of your health, exercise more and eat healthy food as well as foods which are believed to add to your happiness.
  3. A study shows that vegetarian food can make you happier and less stressed. Here is the link for the article, read the article and go for more vegetarian diet. So, from the detailed discussion in this article you can safely assume that happiness is a choice and move ahead to choose happiness. Further-
    • Everyone wants company of happy people. You get well connected and more social if you are a happy person.
    • And being well connected in society opens many more doors of opportunities for you which further enhances your happiness and suddenly you are in a positive spiral.
    • Happiness results in better health, here is the scientific proof.
    • Happy people are more successful.

And therefore happiness is a choice. So, make the right choice and choose happiness.

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