Happiness Hormones and How to Produce Them Naturally

By Y K Gupta          Updated on November 2, 2020

Need not to emphasize, how important being happy is for you. I have discussed this in my various articles in detail, which you can read here, here,  here and here.

But, what if you can produce your own happiness on demand? As and when you need it.

As happiness to a large extant is the result of level of happiness hormones in our body and therefore, in this article, I am going to tell you how can you produce happiness hormones naturally and in effect create your own happiness as and when you want to be happy.

Although people and circumstances around you do contribute in your happiness or otherwise, yet you need not be always depend on people and circumstances around you to stay happy.

As you can produce your happiness up to a large extent by yourself. So take charge of your happiness. I am here to show you how, just navigate through this article along with me. 

Exercise and produce happiness hormones naturally

Happiness hormones and how to produce them naturally depicted by a man walking in green surroundings
Happiness hormones and how to produce them naturally

You know that engaging in physical exercise is good for health. But is it good for your happiness as well? Well, We people striving for happiness are really lucky, as answer of this all important question is in affirmation.

When you exercise, body starts releasing hormone called Endorphins. If you want to know more about happiness hormones click here.

Release of this hormone during exercise makes your body to cope with the pain and stress generated by exercising. Further, it is also useful in combating anxiety and depression.

Now this is the same hormone which is also known as the happiness hormone. And when your body releases this hormone, you feel happy. So start exercising from now on and add up your happiness.

If you find that your environment is not conducive for exercising right now. Then don’t be disheartened, in that case just go for a long walk. And a long walk can be taken in almost all the circumstances and at any time of the day.

I rather suggest you, to go for a long walk whenever you feel sad and unhappy. And experience for yourself how you feel after returning from this long walk.

I bet, you will feel a lot happier and relaxed.

Laugh and produce happiness hormones naturally

Happiness hormones and how to produce them naturally depicted by a kid sitting on bench with an open book and laughing
Happiness hormones and how to produce them naturally

In addition to exercising, laughter also results in release of Endorphins in your body. For achieving this expose yourself to people who are cheerful, crack civilized jokes which make you laugh.

You can also consider watching some funny stuff on electronic media or reading books which contain funny stuff, which results in breaking out you in laughter.

Produce happiness hormones naturally with company of the people who appreciate you

Respect and care for the people who respect, love, appreciate and acknowledge you. 

Apart from simple logic of being grateful towards the people who love and respect you, the other reason is that when you are appreciated, loved, respected and acknowledged, it results in your body releasing Dopamine, another hormone which adds to your happiness.

Now you can realize that, why you feel so happy when you are appreciated. Yes, thanks to release of Dopamine by your body.

Produce happiness hormones naturally by practicing giving

Ever wondered, why it feels so good when you help someone? When you share with someone quality time? Or when you contribute for some social cause? Give some gift to someone? And when you do any act of kindness or any act of giving?

And why it feels so good when we practice gratitude, when we are thankful for the small things which are right now adding up our happiness?

That serene feeling of deep satisfaction is the result of release of one of the happiness hormones Serotonin. So if you want to produce happiness hormones on demand, just practice giving more and the some more.

And it is not always money.

Any act of giving will produce the result, including saying some comforting words to somebody who is in distress to expressing gratitude to someone who helped you in any manner. More intensely you practice it better will be the results.

In this wonderful video you will further find many reasons to be thankful, to be filled in with gratitude-

Produce happiness hormones naturally by being more social

Don’t be home bound or office bound whole day. Instead, go out. Meet the people. Be part of some social groups or activities which excites you.

As I have also discussed in my article- How can I Spread Happiness Part I and Part II -that we humans innately like to live in groups and it is embedded in our mind from primitive ages.

Being part of some group, some social activity, being one from a group creates a deep sense of belonging and security.

This happens because when you are close to other human beings, when you hug or shake hand with them the other happiness hormone oxytocin is released in your body.

How happiness hormone oxytocin is beneficial for our social bonding

Oxytocin, which is also called love hormone or cuddle hormone, is known for promoting-

  • Bond in relationships
  • Known for combating stress
  • Release of oxytocin in body helps in reducing drug addiction
  • It is found to result in increased generosity and empathy
  • Makes us more social by inducing group feelings
  • It even heals wounds and fights inflammation

For further details read here.

Congratulations! You have just acquired the ability of producing happiness hormones naturally

So now when you have decided to –

  • exercise regularly
  • embrace the cheerful people and electronic and print media which exposes you to funny stuff making you break out in laughter
  • started being surrounded by the people who appreciate and love you
  • started practicing giving
  • And also decided to be more social.

Then, you have just acquired the impeccable ability of producing happiness hormones naturally; everyone is striving for so hard. Don’t you deserve to be congratulated? You do.

So, Congratulations! Now on produce your own happiness hormones as and when you need them.

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  1. I have gone through your valuable article in Google. It is on the top. Congrats… Yes , I can say with confidence that I can ,rather I will produce my happiness every time by applying exercise, laughter ,dance, playing with kids and creativity… thanks .

    1. Parihar Sir,
      Idea of dancing is novel. It is a good exercise as well. I may include this idea of dancing in the next updating of my article.

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