Work Life Balance and How to Achieve It

By Y K Gupta

Work life balance and how to achieve it depicted by a golden balance

In this article we will discuss nitty gritty of work life balance and practical strategies to how to achieve it.

You almost always feel overwhelmed by the work. And hardy get any time for leading a fulfilling life. You always seem to miss that all important work life balance, you need and deserve.… Read More

Make Hard Work Your Passion

By Y K Gupta

Make hard work your passion depicted by WORK HARDER written on a neon sign

If you want to work hard then first make hard work your passion!

You want to go for hard work because everyone says that success is not possible without hard work. Then you start working hard and soon you realize burn outs, you get tired quickly and very soon you start losing interest.… Read More

Can Delayed Gratification be Learned

By Y K Gupta           Updated on April 15, 2020

Can delayed gratification be learned depicted by cookies in oven

Photo by Taylor Grote on Unsplash

Can delayed gratification be learned? Or is it a skill which some people inherit or are naturally blessed?

In my article Power of Self Restraint: the Marshmallow Test, I have discussed about the benefits of delayed gratification and how it plays a prominent role in your future success.… Read More

Power of Self Control: The Marshmallow Test

By Y K Gupta          Updated on May 09, 2020

power of self control: Marshmallow test depicted by chocolate chips cookiess

Yes, this one trait has the power of changing your destiny. And the name of this trait is power of self control which was established  by the legendary Marshmallow Test.

As you might be aware that this trait is also known in academic circles by the name of delayed gratification.… Read More

How can I Become More Responsible

By Y K Gupta          Updated on May 22, 2020

How can I become more responsible depicted by an infant holding hand of an adult and laughing

People like you and me, who want to contribute more to the society and nation we live in, almost always keep on asking to ourselves this question. And question is- how can I become more responsible? 

How can I become more responsible to myself, to my friends family and loved ones, to my profession and clients, to the society I live in and to the nation at large.… Read More