Happiness Only Real When Shared

By Y K Gupta                                              Updated on September 1, 2020

Happiness only real when shared depicted by a man with a backpack

“Happiness only real when shared” are the words of a young man who has experienced this reality at the cost of his life.

Yes, I am talking about Christopher McCandless.

He was a young man of 24, who had just completed his graduation, had an open mind, was adventurous and wanted to experience the world, its meaning and happiness in its all grandeur.… Read More

Why Your Happiness is so Important

By Y K Gupta

Why your happiness is so important depicted by a happy lady in shorts and goggles

Why your happiness is so important?

Because you are an important unit of the human race so if you are happy then it adds to one happier person in the population of world and makes it a happier world.

Further, your happiness is also so very important for the under mentioned reasons-

Happiness is contagious

Happiness is contagious.… Read More

Happiness is a State of Mind

By Y K Gupta

Happiness is a state of mind depicted by a smiling woman in blue dress

Is happiness a state of mind? And the answer to this question is – Yes, happiness is a state of mind.

After knowing that happiness is a state of mind, then the next and even more important question arises- If happiness is a state of mind then how to achieve that state of mind?… Read More

Work Life Balance and How to Achieve It

By Y K Gupta

Work life balance and how to achieve it depicted by a golden balance

In this article we will discuss nitty gritty of work life balance and practical strategies to how to achieve it.

You almost always feel overwhelmed by the work. And hardy get any time for leading a fulfilling life. You always seem to miss that all important work life balance, you need and deserve.… Read More

Make Hard Work Your Passion

By Y K Gupta

Make hard work your passion depicted by WORK HARDER written on a neon sign

If you want to work hard then first make hard work your passion!

You want to go for hard work because everyone says that success is not possible without hard work. Then you start working hard and soon you realize burn outs, you get tired quickly and very soon you start losing interest.… Read More

Happiness is a Choice

By Y K Gupta

Happiness is a choice depicted by BE HAPPY written in pink color on a stone wall

You always craved for that so coveted happiness. And you always wondered how to be happy. In this article, I will show you, how happiness is a choice and how you can be happy if you choose to be happy.

Happiness is a choice only when you choose to be happy and also take a few simple actions which when practiced will produce immense happiness for you.… Read More

Top 21 Tips to Improve Your Productivity and More

By Y K Gupta

Top 21 tips to improve your productivity and more depicted by DO MORE displayed on screen

In this article you will get highly effective top 21 tips to improve your productivity and some more bonus tips.

This is a comprehensive list which gives you the power to choose from all the listed 21 tips to improve your productivity, the ones which suit you best.… Read More

Why do We Procrastinate and How to Stop it

By Y K Gupta

Why do we procrastinate and how to stop it depicted by words Stop Waiting carved on a castle of sand

Almost every one of us is a victim of our ever prevailing habit of procrastination. But have you ever asked yourself the question – Why do we procrastinate and how to stop it?

In this article we will try to find out answers for these two questions.… Read More

Whether Multitasking is Good for your Productivity and Brain

By Y K Gupta             Updated on April 10, 2020

Multitasking Productivity and Brain depicted by a woman reading book while also eating noodles

Do you love multitasking? But have you ever wondered whether multitasking is good for your productivity and brain?

Before continuing with your passion of multitasking any further, it will be better for you if you know how harmful multitasking is not only to your productivity but also to your brain.… Read More

5/25 Rule of Warren Buffett

By Y K Gupta                        Updated on April 10, 2020

5/25 rule of Warren Buffett depicted by arrows in shooting target

5/25 rule of Warren Buffett is basically a rule of training your focus on a few more important goals rather than letting it get scattered on so many goals.

Story behind the 5/25 rule of Warren Buffett

It is believed that one day Warren Buffett asked his private pilot Mike Flint.… Read More