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About Us


 Photograph of Y K Gupta, Author, Blogger at ykgupta.com for about us page
Photograph of Y K Gupta, Author, Blogger at ykgupta.com

Hi! I am Y K Gupta, Author, Blogger and former Assistant General Manager at State Bank of India (SBI). 

In more than three decades in the service of India’s premier banking organization, I have been delivering at various important positions, last being a Senior Auditor. 

During this period of more than three decades, I have mentored many a young employees and officers in developing their career.  I have mentored them for improving their productivity as well as in achieving their emotional well being.

I have always been passionate about identifying and finding solutions for the pain points related to productivity, health, happiness and relationships. Further, I have also always been passionate about learning the resultant affect on a human being of these pains. And, perhaps the most importantly, I am always busy trying to find out the ways and means of relieving these pains.

And my unbridled desire to help the fellow human beings in addressing these pain points has compelled me to launch this life enhancing blog. Through my blog, I consistently try to soothe these pains of my readers by my life enhancing articles.

My preferred articles

Although I love all of my work very much however these three articles are very near to my heart –

Don’t Allow Anyone to Steal Your Happiness  

How to Attain Expertise in Your Field

How to Produce Happiness on Demand


Wishing you happy reading!

Y K Gupta

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